Foam Filled Tyres

Q: What is foam filled tyre?1151610764996_10303473

A: The foam fill is a liquid polyurethane material that is pumped into a tubeless or tube type tyre.  The material is pumped into the valve stem. The foam fill is a two-part material consisting of  an A-side and B-side.  When the two sides are pumped into the tire, the material mixes and cures  for 24-48 hours depending on the outdoor temperature.  Air is released during the filling process by drilling a hole through the top of the tyre.  Once all of the air has escaped, the tyre will be plugged and then pressurized.


Q: Is there a noticeable effect on the driving comfort?

A: A foam fill tyre rides almost identical to an air tyre.  Most people would not recognize the difference unless they were told.


Q: What is the maximum speed of a foam filled tyre?

A: They are designed to travel 15 mph or slower.


Q: How long does the foam fill last?

A: The tyre will last as long as the casing remains good.  The purpose of fill is to stop flats and keep constant pressure.  If you get 12 months out of a tyre, you will get 12 months out of a filled tire.


Q: Should i use solid tyres or foam filled tyres?

A: In some cases there is no solid tyre made to take the place of a foam-fill tyre.  Foam-fill tyres can be used with lock ring or drop centre wheels while solid tyres must have a flat based wheel to be pressed on.  Always check ground conditions.  Additional maintenance problems may occur with solids (e.g.   motor mounts,  steer axle) when deciding to use solid forklift tires.


Tyre Sealant

Q: What is tyre sealant?

A: Tyre sealant is a liquid form of puncture prevention. Sealant is pumped into the tyre and as the wheel rotates it will cover the inside of the tyre. If the tyre gets a puncture the air pressure forces the liquid to fill the hole.

Q: What applications can the tyre sealant be used on?

A: Tyre sealant can be used on any OTR(Off The Road) tyre such as lawn, grass, atv, tractors, earthmovers etc… although there is different variations of the sealant for different applications it is best to contact us for advice before hand.

Q: Can it be used on car tyres?

A: There is sealant available for car tyres however we do not recommend using this for the following reasons.

  1. Tyre sealant may fix a puncture in a potentially dangerous area of the tyre. For example if you had a puncture with out the tyre sealant you would have to go to a garage to get it fixed and if the tyre was damaged and was deemed unfit the fitter would tell you to replace it due to safety concerns but if you had tyre sealant in the tyre you would not know about the internal damage until it is too late i.e.. total tyre failure or blow out.
 Some car manufactures dont provide a spare wheel but in it place the have a small compressor and a bottle of sealant. This is NOT a permanent repair the tyre needs to be inspected ASAP! 

2. Balancing, tyre sealant can cause an imbalance in your cars wheels which the will cause vibrations throughout the car and steering wheel.

Q: How long does the sealant last?

A: The tyre sealant should last as long as the tyre.


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