Maintaining the correct tyre pressure is an important factor in both the safety and longevity of tyres. Too little or too much air could adversely affect the vehicle handling and the tyre’s performance and durability.

Additionally, keeping your tyres at the correct pressure and using energy efficient tyres reduces your engine’s workload. This means you’ll save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions too!

Pressures, including the spares should be checked using an accurate gauge, available at most petrol stations or from car product specialists.

Make sure of the correct tyre pressures by referring to the vehicle manufacturer’s advice, to be found in the handbook, on the door pillar or on the fuel filler cap.


Ensure that the tyre and wheel combination on your vehicle is fitted with the appropriate valve and valve cap. Both valve and valve cap play a very important part in the tyre’s ability to maintain air pressure, tyre service life and vehicle safety in general.

Whilst the valve does its work of allowing air in and out of the tyre as required, it deteriorates with age and should therefore be changed every time a new tyre is fitted, or if the tyre is removed for repair or examination.

Always use valve caps which have an internal seal that is in good condition. The valve cap retains the air within the tyre and also prevents

The tyre pressures should be checked when the tyres are “cold”. By cold, we mean that the tyres have not run for at least two hours or have only travelled 1 – 2 hours at low speed (town driving).

Tyre pressure increases while the vehicle is being driven, which is quite normal. If the pressures are checked after the vehicle has travelled a sufficient distance to heat up, 4-5psi should be added to the recommended “cold” pressure.

Never deflate tyres when they are hot.

If you intend towing with the vehicle, e.g. a trailer or caravan, always consult the vehicle handbook or trailer, caravan or tyre manufacturer for suggestions as increased pressures may be required.




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